Established as a luthier in 1999, Zachary S. Martin apprenticed with Russell Wagner at Chicago Celloworks and in New York with Arnold Schnitzer, both of whom provided vital foundational knowledge.


With a unique perspective in bass acoustics and a drive for constant improvement, Zachary has ventured to provide the highest level of craftsmanship to his customers, nationwide, since opening his doors in 2004.


His experience restoring multiple Cremonese and Brescian instruments has instilled a deep connection to the working methods of the classical Italian makers.


Revealing a hidden scribe mark, uncovering original oil varnish beneath a veil of excessive polish or studying the placement of a minute square peg, tells a story of process. Each element alone and in total enhances a conservation-minded approach, inspiring Zachary’s mission to unlock the potential of fine instruments and produce only great work.