Offering a complete range of repair, restoration and maintenance services for Doublebass, Cello, and Viol Family. Dedicated to providing the highest standard of workmanship for the collector, professional and student. Repairs are carried out with proven methods, quality materials and exacting work. Only non-invasive and reversible techniques are applied. Restorations are approached with proficiency and great attention to detail. Applying the “Do no harm” mentality, restorations are cohesive and difficult to detect, allowing the integrity of the instrument to remain uncompromised. Innovative procedures are applied, when necessary, to correct old, failing work. Contact us to discuss your instrument’s unique restoration needs.


An instrument’s set-up is fundamental to acoustical voice and playability. Each instrument will be assessed and adjusted to achieve the desired tonal color, with optimal clarity and projection. Individual components, such as the bridge and soundpost greatly effects transmission of sound. When shaped properly, a bridge adds color and increases responsiveness, requiring less work from the player and enabling the instrument to “speak” more freely.

Adjustment and proper fitting of the sound post can change the tonal qualities and evenness of any instrument, satisfying a player’s specific needs. Baroque conversions offer functionality and historic voice. We provide aesthetic choices such as custom bridges, fittings and embellishments to reflect personal taste and period correctness.


Insurance appraisals provide a replacement assessment in the event of loss. Detailed descriptions and unique characteristics provide useful information for identification purposes, authentication and fair market value.